Four Mistakes People Make When Choosing Glasses Frames

Choosing your glasses frames can be an exciting experience. But between all of the colors, shapes, and sizes to pick from, it's easy to accidentally come home with a pair that's not as well-suited for you as you may have hoped. To ensure that you make a wise glasses selection, avoid these four common mistakes people make when picking out new frames.

Mistake #1: Failing to consider color coordination.

Those bright purple frames may look classy – until you realize that they clash horribly with your favorite red blazer. In most cases, you're better off going with neutral-colored frames so you know they'll match everything you wear. Black and various shades of brown are always safe bets. If you really want to show off your personality with brightly colored frames, consider getting two pairs – a neutral one and a colorful one.

Mistake #2: Choosing frames with eyepieces that are too small.

Narrow, tiny eyepieces seem to be trendy right now, but they're not for everyone. A lot of people are bothered by seeing so much of the world unmagnified out the sides and tops of the frames. This can cause headaches and dizziness. Unless you've worn small frames in the past and know you're comfortable with them, you may want to opt for something with a bit more coverage.

Mistake #3: Focusing on the name brands only.

Unless you have the budget for them, it's silly to spend on name brand frames just because they are name brand. Most people are not going to notice that tiny logo in the corner of your glasses frames. If you find designer glasses that you love and that are within your budget, then by all means, purchase them. But know that you can find plenty of attractive, well-made frames from lesser-known companies for a fraction of the cost. They won't have that designer logo in the corner, but the only person that will notice that is you.

Mistake #4: Failing to consider your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle comes into play when it comes to considering the durability of your frames. If you're rarely active and spend most of your day in the office, then this isn't much of a concern. But if you're someone who plays sports, does a lot of yard work, or partakes in other activities where your glasses could easily fall off or get hit, you want to stick to flexible frames. These are made from materials that will flex a bit if they're dropped or hit – instead of snapping or bending permanently.

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