The Importance Of Elderly Eye Care

You want to make sure you watch your elderly loved one, making sure that they have the correct glasses for their sight. Once an elderly person has to wear glasses, it will be normal for their vision to continue to change as time goes on, getting a little bit worse over time. However, when they put on their glasses in the morning, all they know is that their glasses are helping them to see better than before they put them on.

This is why it's a good idea for you to help them take better care of their eyes by reminding them of the importance of getting in for those routine exams. There are also other reasons why they should be going in at least once a year to see their optometrist, and you can learn those things here.

They will be checked for other eye conditions

Along with seeing how much their prescription has changed so that they can be given the proper prescription glasses, the optometrist will also check them for other conditions that many people are known to develop as they age, such as glaucoma. Catching these conditions early on can be very important because it helps make the treatments less-invasive and offers a better chance of the treatments working well.

Other health conditions can be caught

When the optometrist looks in their eyes, they can see a lot. They can sometimes even see if there is a tumor developing while it is still small. Catching a tumor early on is crucial to your elderly loved one's prognosis. If your parent has diabetes, then getting their eyes examined is especially important because diabetics will be more at risk of certain eye issues and the sooner they are caught, the better their prognosis may be.

Their eyewear can be refitted and repaired

Even if your loved one isn't in need of a new pair of glasses, there is a big chance that the glasses they have been wearing will need some adjusting, such as having the arms straightened out and the screws tightened, so they don't pop out. Also, if the lenses are scratched, then those scratches will also be able to be buffed out, so they will be able to see much better through their glasses.

They will have peace of mind

Your loved one will have peace of mind when they leave their appointment, knowing exactly where they stand. You will also feel much better about their situation, especially if they are still driving themselves around in their own car. Now, you will know they are seeing the way they are supposed to.

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