Top Signs You Need an Eye Examination

Have you been rubbing your eyes a lot? Do you strain to see at night? You might dismiss some of these signs as minor issues, but they may indicate deep underlying eye problems that should be dealt with without delay. According to Vision Impact Institute, 80% of all visual impairment cases could have been cured or avoided with early detection. Below are the top signs you need an eye exam. 

You're Having Screen-Time Eye Strain

Mobile phones and computers have become part of today's everyday life. You use them for work, business, and even leisure. But if you experience an eye strain every time you're using your phone or PC, there's cause for alarm. This condition is referred to as computer vision syndrome (CVS). 

It's advisable to get an eye exam immediately when you start feeling the screen-time eye strain.  Your optometrist may suggest eye treatments or special glasses to use when you are looking at a screen. Meanwhile, you can adjust the lighting on your gadgets and limit your screen time.  

You Have Blurred Vision

Struggling to read your favorite magazine or not seeing beyond a few meters can be incredibly disappointing. Typically, these are signs of myopia or hyperopia. It could also be astigmatism, a condition that causes blurry and distorted vision for both near and far objects. 

These conditions can have severe effects if left untreated. For example, children who develop nearsightedness are potentially at risk of developing sight-threatening eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal detachment in their old age. 

You're Feeling Pain in Your Eyes

There are many causes of eye pain. It could be an inflammation in your eye caused by an injury, a dry eye problem, trapped matter in your eyeball, an infection, or corneal abrasion. Eye discomfort or pain shouldn't be taken lightly. With an eye examination, you get to know the cause and whether you need additional treatments. 

Your Eyes Have Turned Red or Pink

Your eyes may turn red when you haven't had enough sleep, and that's normal. But if your eyes are persistently red over a couple of days, your health might be at stake. In fact, optometrists advise that you should seek eye care if your eyes are red after 24 hours. The redness could be a result of an inflammatory condition or even a dry eye. 

Pink eye is caused by viral or bacterial infections. For babies, it could also be a sign that the tear duct is incompletely opened. If you have pink eye, you'll need an eye examination as fast as possible because the condition is contagious. 

For more information about getting an eye examination, contact a local optometrist to learn more.