Do You Need An Eye Examination Every Year?

When was the last time you went for an eye exam? Typically, most people will only go for eye examinations when the need arises. If their eyes don't hurt or can see clearly, most people will rarely visit an optometrist or eye doctor

Is a Routine Eye Examination Necessary?

Optometrists will always recommend annual eye examinations. It might increase your eye-care costs, but it can help detect eye problems and other issues early. According to Vision Aware, 80% of eye problems are avoidable and can be remedied if caught early. This is why your optometrist will recommend regular eye exams. 

Remember, you live in a world where computers and smartphones are part of daily life. You're always close to a screen, and over time, your eyesight will suffer due to computer eye strain. Annual visits to your optometrist can help remedy this issue. 

Does Vision Change Over Time?

Yes, your eyesight will deteriorate with the rest of your body. As you age, you'll begin to develop eye issues that need correction. These visual impairments can be detected and monitored if you seek regular eye exams. 

Similarly, if you have vision correctors, you'll need regular exams to ensure that your prescription is updated. Your prescription should change accordingly to avoid constant headaches and eye strain. 

Are In-Person Eye Examinations Necessary?

Online eye exams have become popular with the masses as they can be conducted remotely. These exams are considered time and money-efficient. Online exams can help identify refraction impairments, and the results are always reviewed by an optometrist. Typically, you'll receive your results, prescription, and any other details via email within a few hours. 

Although these online eye exams are fast, they may miss some diseases and disorders. An in-person eye exam offers more value than an online eye examination. It will cost more, but the doctor will also conduct additional tests such as dilation, visual eye movement, eye ultrasounds, and retinal imaging. 

The optometrist can use these tests to detect eye impairments and other health problems, such as macular degeneration and diabetes.  

An eye exam is like any other health exam; thus, it should be done in person if you want comprehensive details about your eyes. If the online exam is incorrect or improperly calibrated, you could end up with an overly strong prescription. This will lead to eye strain, headaches, and other issues that you can avoid by choosing an in-person eye exam.