The Signs of Eyestrain and How to Cope with It

Almost everyone suffers eyestrain occasionally. Eyestrain can happen when your eyes are tired because you have been using them too intensely. Everyone can get eyestrain from driving too long or from staring at their computer screen for hours at a time. Eyestrain can also come from using other digital devices such as phones and tablets. Eyestrain may be annoying to deal with but it doesn't cause any long-term damage.

Signs of Eyestrain

The signs and symptoms of eyestrain are hard to ignore. If your eyes feel sore and tired then it may be a sign of eyestrain. If your eyes start feeling watery or even become dry this is also another symptom that you have eyestrain. You may also have blurred or double vision and headaches due to eyestrain. 

Adjust Your Lighting

There are certain strategies that you can use to deal with eye strain. The first one is to adjust the lighting. When you are watching television you can try to keep the room a bit more softly lit so that the light from the television does not overpower your eyes. When you reading or doing work at night make sure you place the lamp so that the light shines directly on the pages.

Schedule Breaks

One of the things you must do is schedule breaks, this is especially true when you are working at a computer. Look away from the computer occasionally and try to blink. Consciously making an effort to blink will help to moisturize your eyes and prevent dry eyes which can lead to eye strain. You should also reduce the glare coming from your devices by turning on blue light filters or adding blue light shields to your phones and computers. 

Use Proper Eyewear

You should use protective eyewear when using a computer often. You can buy computer glasses that help to filter blue light. Even if you wear prescription glasses you can get computer glasses that fit over the prescription glasses. 

If you wear contact lenses you can get ones that are designed for use when you are working at the computer. Speak to your optometrist, they may be able to give you contact lenses that have special tints. This will help to make your eyes more comfortable while working at the computer.

Taking the time to deal with eyestrain is important especially when you must work on a computer screen all day. Eyestrain can also affect how you can use your devices and this can be an inconvenience. Talk to your optometrist if your eye strain has worsened or if you feel pain in your eyes.