Three Things To Expect When Transitioning To Multi-Focal Contacts

Finding out that you need a multi-focal vision correction can be overwhelming, especially if you've always worn contact lenses. Many people believe that they will be unable to wear contacts again once they receive a corrective prescription that requires more than one correction strength. The fact is, multi-focal contact lenses are an option. Like any other multi-focal lens, they will require some adjustment. Here are a few things to expect as you make the transition. Read More 

Common Questions About Vision Problems Answered

Issues with your eyesight can be a frightening and serious problem. Sadly, it is likely that you are not particularly informed when it comes to these health issues. In particular, there are a few questions that patients may need answered if they notice the clarity of their vision has started to decrease. Is It Normal For Your Vision Acuity To Decrease? As you age, you may notice that your ability to clearly see fine detail starts to weaken. Read More 

Three Tips For Preventing Digital Eye Strain

The average American adult will spend an estimated three hours and eight minutes starting at their mobile phone each day in 2016, in addition to the two hours and 11 minutes they'll spend looking at a computer screen. All of this screen time can make your eyes feel dry, irritated or blurred, but there are ways to prevent it. Here are three tips for preventing digital eye strain. Use a screen filter Read More 

The Effects Of Video Games On Your Child’s Eyes

You may wonder whether allowing your child to play video games is a healthy pastime. Often, parents worry particularly about the effects this leisure activity may have on vision. The truth is playing video games can have both negative and positive effects on your child's eyes. Negative Effects Spending too much time playing video games can take a toll on the eyes and may lead to conditions that can cause your child to experience eye and vision symptoms. Read More 

See Things Clearly: How Cataract Surgery Can Lead To Better Vision

Being diagnosed with cataracts on your eyes can be initially alarming, but fortunately this very common vision condition is repairable with surgery. Your cloudy vision can be a thing of the past, and in a quick and painless manner. Additionally, the same surgery can correct a lifetime vision affliction, like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Read on to learn more about cataracts and how easy it is to deal with this disorder. Read More